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Funding Eligibility

Your organization must not be:

  • A political or sectarian organization
  • An individual, group practice, or private physician office

How to Apply for a Charitable Contribution, Corporate Membership, or Corporate Collaboration (CCMC)

Points to Consider Before Submitting Your CCMC Grant Request

All CCMC requests must be independently initiated by the Organization requesting the grant.

Indivior will accept applications from non-profit organizations where the primary purpose of the donation is charitable or philanthropic. This includes non-profit organizations such as those that offer community health care activities, seek to improve general access to care and patient support, support programs aimed at enhancing education or serve the communities where Indivior employees and Workforce members work and live. Support of fundraising activities by non-profit organizations such as runs, walks and galas fall into the definition of a donation provided the Group receives no tangible benefits in return for such support (e.g., booth, product advertising, etc.); otherwise, such support would be considered a Sponsorship.

Indivior will consider providing donations to various organizations that demonstrate competence, effectiveness, and sound management practices. In this regard, priority will be given to organizations seeking funds from Indivior that attempt to make a positive impact on the patient populations we serve and our communities and provide information by which project/initiative success will be evaluated and measured.

No Tangible Benefit: A donation includes only those funding opportunities that do not offer a tangible benefit to Indivior. Indivior name recognition, including in print materials, seat to a gala, or registrations for a walk, are not considered tangible benefits; however, using the name of Indivior products would be considered promotional and therefore is a tangible benefit.

In evaluating the merits of a request for a corporate charitable contribution, the following factors will be considered:

  • The purpose to be served by the contribution;
  • The size, scope, reputation and expertise of the Charitable Organization;
  • Whether the purpose of the charitable contribution is consistent with the Group's areas of giving and corporate mission;
  • Whether the amount of the contribution is reasonable and justified;
  • Whether any benefit to the Group is minimal and incidental to the main purpose of the charitable contribution;
  • Whether the charitable contribution is unrelated to and not contingent upon the referral or generation of business generally, or federal healthcare program business specifically; and
  • Whether there is a budget for the contribution, who is the budget owner and has he/she provided written confirmation.

Patient Education Funding - Charitable Contributions, subject to Applicable Local Laws, contributions for planned health- related educational activities designed for an audience of patients and/or caregivers and intended to advance the means by which patients (or caregivers) can actively participate and understand their own treatment options and decisions, increase knowledge and awareness, or improve their health-related outcomes in medical areas in which Indivior has an approved product or is actively pursuing clinical research are permissible. The education is not intended to be product-specific and must be independent of Group control, including content development and faculty and attendee selection.

Funding for patient education is based on factors such as educational need and merit, therapeutic areas of interest to Group, qualifications of the organization, and the proposed agenda. The education must not be intended solely for patients of a specific practice or institution. Support for patient education must be consistent with Applicable Local Laws of the market in which such education will be provided. Funding by Indivior of Patient Education initiatives typically affords no tangible benefits in return and is evaluated as a form of Donation.

After you submit your grant If your request is approved If your request is declined
  • Upon successful submission of your CCMC requst, you will receive confirmation.
  • During the review process, you may receive emails requesting additional information or clarification regarding your submission. Your prompt response is vital to continue the grant review process.
  • CCMC requests are reviewed by the Indivior review committee on an ad hoc basis until funding is depleted for the fiscal year.
  • No requestor should consider any grant request approved until they have received an email approval notification from CharitableGrants@Indivior.com
  • Previous support from Indivior does not guarantee future support. Each request is evaluated on its own individual merit relative to the specific grant requests and is dependent on funding availability.
  • Prior to funds being sent, a signed Letter of Agreement (LOA) is required.
  • If the scope of the activity changes, you must clearly document the change of scope and notify Indivior for review and approval in advance of the activity.
  • The modified activity will be reviewed by the respective Indivior Review Committee and evaluated to reassess approval and determine if return of funds is warranted.
  • Failure to reconcile your grant and/or return unused funds may jeopardize the review of future grant submissions.
  • Indivior understands the need for Charitable Contributions. As many more requests are received than can be funded, not all submitted requests will be approved. If a request is declined, Indivior encourages organizations to reapply in the future.